In college attendance should be compulsory or not

Making education compulsory up until a certain age makes sense, because young children do not yet have the cognitive development to understand forward planning, and don't really appreciate what kind of differences it is going to make to their lives. Primary and high school are not things that children have the capacity to make informed decisions about.In college attendance should be compulsory or not it's quite debatable.

Let me tell you one thing, attending lectures don’t automatically give knowledge. Many students simply don’t give attention. I have seen students scoring high without even attending a single lecture.

A lot of cognitive development has occurred, and we are no longer talking about children, but autonomous adults.  The key difference between the experience people have at university, as opposed to high school, is that they have chosen to be there.  They may not fully appreciate this right away, but it is significant.

In college attendance should be compulsory or not

As if straining college going students with 80% of compulsory attendance and blacklisting if not wasn’t enough, Mumbai colleges have taken it a notch higher and are about to introduce a bio metric system that would keep a good track of the attendance record of students.

The old method that included calling out roll numbers and taking them down on paper has been found to have loopholes for errors as students went for proxy methods. The colleges in Mumbai are about to introduce Radio Frequency Identity Card (RFID) that would be convenient and accurate. The question arises if all these were really necessary and whether attending classes is really that important in colleges.

With freedom comes responsibility, the liability of using it to the best and not wasting yourself away in the name of enjoying the halcyon days of youth. Compulsory attendance only ensures that some of those who could easily stray away from the path get to stay in their safe limits and try and comprehend the importance of education and making efforts to keep up the grades.

The new move by Mumbai colleges to keep accurate record to attendance is implausible and could go ahead to make students more responsible and studious. Your parents have worked hard to get you into college. You are about to start taking decisions in your life that are going to decide where your future is going to end you. It is extremely important that you start by being responsible and attend lectures to keep in track with the study pattern and the important notes that are delivered out in the process.


It is clear that developing a habit of attending class early in life is extremely important to a college student today. It is becoming more difficult to find employment in today’s economy. Regularly attending class is going to help in finding a good and stable career.



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