Technology is an Evil for Human Imagination your Opinion

Technology doesn’t make man,Man makes technology. Technology offers many advantages than disadvantages. It has made our life easy, comfortable, simple and luxurious.Technology is supporting human so much that now a person can work from his home.Technology is an evil for human imagination your opinion matters.

Let me ask you this: can you imagine going back to a mode of existence before technology? Before we even had clothes, or spears? Before fire and language? All of these things were inventions, and if you can’t imagine even living without what we have now (much less comfortably), then you’ll have to agree that technology is too valuable to ever give up.

Technology is an Evil for Human Imagination your Opinion

Life without a mobile phone is unimaginable these days. You will not see a single person without a mobile phone when you walk down the street. Even at your workplace or any public area, you hear thousands of ringtones throughout the day.

Noted scientist and thinker Albert Einstein has stressed that imagination is more important than knowledge. This is because knowledge is limited to what is known and understood while imagination embraces the world and points to all there ever will be to know and understand.


1. Computing has replaced creativity- Computers and the incessant use of technology have restricted the sphere of knowledge and creativity to the screen. This has lowered the application of human creativity and imagination in all spheres

2. These are no longer original – Any thesis or academic writing is no longer original because the computer and the internet has made it easy to access academic information at any given point in time. This restricts human imagination and creativity in academic settings. Replication of information has become easy and intellectual data theft is rampant thanks to technology

3. Piracy has become widespread – Perhaps the biggest obstacle in giving a free rein to human imagination has been the use of pirated software and products in the market. Data theft has become a common problem across creative fields such as movie making and fiction writing thanks to piracy and the influx of technology.

4. Technology has made mass scale replication possibleTechnology has made it possible to replicate on a mass scale, and this mass market production limits the role of human creativity and imagination in every field from education to science and manufacturing.

5. Technology has stifled creativity Thanks to the presence of graphics software and other technological advancements, creativity and originality have gone for a toss. Replicating the Mona Lisa or Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is now possible with the click of a mouse.



1. Technology is a platform for talent – Technology has made many innovations possible in fields as diverse as music, entertainment and film-making. It has expanded the scope and power of human imagination by enhancing the limits to which one can go in the creative process.

2. From health to science, technology has made innovation possible –  Advancement of technologies has also helped in the growth of the health sector and enabled healthcare to become life prolonging. Using scientific creativity and human innovation, biotechnology has revolutionized the field of pharma and healthcare.

3. Technology helps human imagination to grow – Technology is not limiting creativity; rather it is helping this to grow. This is because technology helps businesses to grow and expand thereby becoming more capable of providing scope for the full potential of human creativity.

4. Communication becomes easier, imagination gets a boost  Sharing ideas is the key to forming insights, and many famous inventors have taken inspiration from past innovations. Technology has quickened the pace of communication and provided online knowledge industry which is thriving and enhancing human creativity by leaps and bounds.


There is no room in today’s world for outdated methods. Across a globe where technology is even used to fight elections and wars, the cause of human imagination can be advanced through the progress and growth of technology.




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