Who is Better manager Men or women your opinion

This topic is commonly asked in many group discussions and debates and causes silly, heated and sensational arguments. We look at the topic Who is Better Manager Men or Women your Opinion? from various perspectives because your opinion matters.


Women these days are multi-tasking and are capable of juggling with both their family life and office work. A woman’s life is no longer restricted to the four walls of a house. These days they need to take care of several issues like dropping children to school , making food for them early in the morning, help their kids with homework, shopping etc.

Who is Better Manager Men or Women your Opinion

The ability to managing things is based solely on one’s personal ability, not on their gender. For countless centuries Men have managed every company, and they did fine. You know why? Not because they were men, but because they learned how to, it was and is based on what you know, learns, and do. Not based on gender.

Women have a skill of being more patient with the employees than the male boss. Women do not jump to a conclusion quickly and do not make a decision hastily. Winners have the tendency to wait for a long period for the desired result.

Who is Better Manager Men or Women your Opinion

Men apply a practical and professional knowledge before taking a decision. They consider a situation from all the aspects, including the profit they gain from a venture or event. A recent study shows that men are more money minded than women.

Women are talented diplomats,God bless women a communicate ability. They know how to encourage and inspire employees. They even could observe 43 muscles in your face to understand and feel your changes.

Who is Better Manager Men or Women your Opinion

Men are good at making the judgement.Women are usually more prone to mood swings and thus, it affects them their decisions. Men do not think emotionally and apply their professional knowledge before taking a decision.

When it comes to communication and interpersonal skills, Women are born with them. Studies have also shown that women tend to cope with frustration in a much better way.



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