Why Did You Leave Your Last Job | Interview

Do not go around defaming your company; it will give a bad impression about you while answering why did you leave your last job.

If you are not happy with your previous company regarding the issues like you don’t like your boss, targets, employees in the organization, colleagues, etc., then please don’t say this to the recruiter it creates a bad impression.

Reasons for leaving the last job which you can reveal:

1. I am not actively searching for a job change however, I saw this opening and it looked fascinating.

2. I’m leaving my current job to pivot into a different industry. As you can see, I left on good terms with my former employer as he’s one among my references.

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3. I learned a tremendous amount at that job, however, there was no additional learning for me to get there. I used to be interested in pursuing my love and that’s why I contacted your company.

4. I worked way too laborious at my job to have time available to job-hunt alongside my work, so once I decided I needed a brand new challenge I left my job to focus on my job search full-time.

5. With time I found my job was changing into monotonous and I didn’t need this to have any impact on the work I used to be doing for my employer.

6. I was in inside Sales in this job and I cherished it but I was able to move into Outside Sales and the company did not have any job openings, so I looked further afield.

7. I’m interested in a job where I can be given a lot of responsibility and will challenge me.

8. I realized that the opportunity to grow wasn’t available to me and that in order to continue to improve myself professionally; it was time to move on.

9. In case of lay-off – The company had to eliminate several key positions, and I realized that it would be in everyone’s best interests if I moved on.


Bottom Line | why did you Leave Your Last Job

Be positive, promote yourself and your accomplishments, and follow the old adage of “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”



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